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Ningbo Airport Departure and Arrival Epidemic Prevention Requirements

Departure Policy Notes

To enter the Ningbo Airport terminal, you must scan the health code and present a 48-hour nucleic acid sampling or test certificate, health code, and itinerary card. You must wear a mask at all times and be consciously subjected to temperature checks.

Check-in procedures should comply with the epidemic prevention requirements of the airline and the destination. Before traveling, be sure to contact your airline and destination to confirm the anti-epidemic requirements.

Entry policy instructions

All inbound passengers at Ningbo Airport need to cooperate in scanning the location code, checking the health code and itinerary card, and conduct nucleic acid “landing inspection” at the airport. Passengers coming from outside the city are required to complete two checks within three days, and those who have a record of residence outside the province within 7 days need to complete three inspections within 3 days

Ningbo Airport Tip: There is a nucleic acid testing point outside the No. 28 Gate of the Ningbo Airport Arrival Area that can test nearby arriving passengers.

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