People Are Asking Why Ningbo Subway is FREE

People Are Asking Why Ningbo Subway is FREE

On February 10, Ningbo Rail Transit Group

announced that from February 13 to June 30, 2023, after 20:00 every day and all day on statutory holidays, the entire line of Ningbo Metro Line 1-5 will be free of charge. Among them, the statutory holidays during the free period are Qingming Festival (April 5), Labor Day (April 29 to May 3), and Dragon Boat Festival (June 22 to June 24). , No need to buy tickets, swipe cards, or scan codes to take the subway.

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Why is the subway free at night?

One of the reasons is to promote night economy and consumption. Previously, the Ningbo Municipal Government issued a plan to Promote consumption and steady growth, and planned to carry out ten hard-core improvement actions such as consumption and service improvement. It was mentioned that Ningbo Metro adopting free rides will help promote the vitality of economic development at night and on statutory holidays, and will help Ningbo promote the steady growth of consumption. .

It should be noted that this is not the first time the subway is offering free rides , although it’s longer this period.

During the Spring Festival of this year, in addition to issuing 15 million yuan cultural tourism consumption coupons, free rides on buses and subways was offered.

Previously, during the May Day holiday in 2020, Ningbo subway was free for all; for another example, in recent years, during the period of the high school entrance examination, Ningbo candidates can take the bus and subway for free.

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