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Top 10 Places to Go for a Run in Hefei

The Chaohu Lake Scenic Area,

This is a national scenic spot on the Huanguohu Tourist Avenue, with a wide area, and the lakeside has become a very important leisure and fitness place for Hefei residents and outsiders. With a long road of over a hundred kilometers, you can run as far as you want. Nowadays, there are often activities around the lake such as walking, long-distance running, and cycling . ADDRESS: 安微省合肥市巢湖市

Huancheng Park

is a linear open park made of open layout, garden art, and decoration of garden architecture and stone products on the basis of the original green belt around the city. The park is about 10 kilometers long, and there are roads in each scenic area with a variety of running routes to choose from. For example, the interior of Xiaoyaojin Park and the Baohe Scenic Area can actually serve as independent running routes. In addition, there are Wuhu Road, Xinghua Park, etc. nearby, there are many options. Therefore, friends who live near the Ring Park are indeed lucky to have a very beautiful workout environment when they go out. ADDRESS : 安徽省合肥市包河区环城南路29号

Emerald Lake

The lake covers an area of 20.226 million acres, with green trees and red flowers in the park, and the sky is blue and the water is clear. The natural beauty here is pleasant. In addition, there is a large area surrounded by parks and the old campus of Anhui University of Science and Technology. It is very suitable for running and exercise. ADDRESS : 安徽省合肥市蜀山区容成路1号

Dashu Mountain

This is the only mountain in Hefei City, perfect for mountaineering and running exercises, and there are thousands of mountain parks in Xiyan District, with more running route options. Dashu has many climbing entrances, such as Sydney Villagers Cemetery, Cultural Cemetery, etc. Fenglin West Road and the forest roads on both sides are also great for running and exercising. Therefore, although it is often said that this is an option, in fact, as an average area, there are many route options. ADDRESS : 安徽省合肥市蜀山区玉兰大道8号

Swan Lake

It is an artificial lake in Hefei Civil Affairs New District, which surrounds the perimeter of Swan Lake for about 5 kilometers and is one of the places for leisure tourism of Hefei citizens. Because the greenery here is good, the winding path is quiet and beautiful. This is also good, plus there is a large water surface, which makes people feel very pleasant, and the mood for exercise is good, it will not feel monotonous and boring, and there is no trouble at the intersection, so this is a good exercise route. Friends who like to run in Hefei may wish to choose to exercise here, strengthen their health, and watch the scenery to recuperate .ADDRESS :安徽省合肥市蜀山区天鹅湖路

6. Binhu Wetland

With the continuous expansion of scale, Binhu Wetland Park is becoming more and more beautiful, adjacent to the picturesque Chao Lake. The roads in the park are the most beautiful runways. In addition, the park is tree-lined, the air is fresh, and there is no vehicle noise, which is really a good choice for running and exercising. In the park, you can relax and jog along the main road, or jump and run after the butterfly flight. ADDRESS :安徽省合肥市包河区环湖北路

Science Island

Scientific defamation is a real holy place. No need to swagger, no need to be noisy, invite three or five friends on a certain weekend, run freely on the forest road, experience the rhythm of the body here, and also gain peace of mind. Running in the mountains and countryside, you will find a sense of freedom to return to nature, a peaceful and beautiful natural environment, which will make your brain very relaxed, the road is also unconsciously finished, but after running you can’t remember anything, but relaxed : ADDRESS ; 科学岛

Chaohu City Gymnasium

Located just a few hundred meters from Chaohu City, Chaohu City Gymnasium is a gathering place for runners and novices. The main building has 3 floors and is 29 meters high. It has nearly 5000,20 <> seats and can win in national competitions such as basketball and handball. The annex hall mainly provides space for all kinds of training. The annex building is nearly <> meters high and can receive gymnastics, wrestling, trampoline and other training programs. Not only can you exercise here, but you can also travel here to relax . ADDRESS 巢湖市体育馆

Nyanyan Lake Park

After Swan Lake and Emerald Lake, this park became Hefel’s favorite niche running spot. The hustle and bustle of Swan Lake, the literature and art of Emerald Lake, and the remote Nanyan Lake are the biggest feature of its seclusion, and the road to the west into Nanyan Lake is lined with green trees, forming a natural barrier to isolate noise and crowds. Run, on Journey to the West, you don’t even dare to speak out loud, so don’t worry about your loneliness being disturbed. Here, you can focus on being a quiet runner. Address : 安徽省合肥市蜀山区观海路

Dayao Road,

This is Hefei’s most beautiful rural road Dayao Road, located in Hefei Shigang Township Dongpu Reservoir north side 001 County Road, this is a hilly undulating rural road, beautiful environment, the people call Hefei the most beautiful rural road as Hefei First Road and other reputations. This route is ideal for weekend long-distance running and cycling. This winding road, coupled with the beautiful greenery on both sides, is one of the rural roads visited by many photography enthusiasts, which makes the Mayong people of Hefei very yearning. On major social platforms, this road has also been rated as the most beautiful rural road in Hefei and the most suitable road for running. Address: Hefei City, Anhui Province

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