Hefei Restaurant Offers Excess Refunds to Members as it Closes Permanently

On January 28th, a dining establishment located on Linquan Road in Hefei issued a public apology, revealing its decision to cease operations permanently before the 2024 Spring Festival.

The closure was attributed to mismanagement, prompting the restaurant to take an unusual step of exceeding customer expectations by refunding prepaid membership card balances.

The apology letter, acknowledging operational shortcomings, outlined the refund policy for members. Customers with remaining balances exceeding half of their initial recharge amount received a full refund.

For those with balances below this threshold, refunds were processed at half of the initial recharge amount. The restaurant quickly fulfilled the refund obligations after the issuance of the apology letter.

The commitment to refunding the excess amounts captured the attention of local residents. On January 30th, at 9 a.m., reporters from Da Wan News visited the restaurant and interviewed its proprietor, Li Yunguo.

Within the soon-to-be-closed Jianghuai Buyi Jiangchenyuan branch near the intersection of Linquan Road and Dong’erhuan, three staff members were actively managing post-closure affairs. Li Yunguo expressed a dedication to ensuring the smooth resolution of matters, including settling accounts with suppliers.

He confirmed that the balances of 14 remaining members, out of a total of 34, were successfully refunded through Alipay and WeChat on January 28th and 29th.

Li Yunguo shared that most members declined additional refunds beyond the necessary amount, leading the restaurant to return the excess funds to their Alipay accounts. He emphasized that this was done as a gesture of gratitude for the members’ support, within the limits of the restaurant’s capabilities.

Established in 2021, Jianghuai Buyi restaurant operated three branches. The decision to close the Jiangchenyuan branch before the Spring Festival arose due to the expiration of the lease and operational challenges.

The unexpected closure and proactive excess refunds surprised many members. One member, Liu, remarked that she had not encountered such a situation before and praised the quality of the restaurant’s ingredients and generous portions.

Another member, who had a remaining balance of just 20 cents after spending 300 yuan, was pleasantly surprised to receive a 150-yuan refund.

In Li Yunguo’s office, it was revealed that he was honored as the “Good Person of Yao Hai” for the years 2021-2022. Colleagues expressed regret at the closure, highlighting Li Yunguo’s regular assistance to coworkers, care for employees, and active participation in aiding financially struggling families of staff facing severe illnesses.

Despite the closure of the restaurant, Li Yunguo’s positive impact on the community and his commitment to ethical business practices have left a lasting impression on patrons and employees alike.

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