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Hefei Xinqiao International Airport offers several shuttle bus lines connecting the airport with different parts of the city. Here are the main lines and their details:

  1. Line 1: From Hefei Xinqiao International Airport to Hefei South Railway Station. This line runs every 40 minutes and takes approximately 1 hour.
  2. Line 2: From Hefei Xinqiao International Airport to the downtown area, specifically the Swan Lake Hotel and surrounding business districts.
  3. Line 3: To the North Bus Station, suitable for those heading to various long-distance bus routes.
  4. Line 4: To the East Bus Station, connecting to different parts of the city and neighboring regions [❞] [❞].

Line 1

  Departure: Passenger Transport Terminal – Hefei Railway Station – Parkview Holiday Hotel – Xinqiao Airport

  Return trip: Xinqiao Airport – Daximen – Sanxiaokou – Chaohu Road – Mingguang Road Bus Station – Passenger Transport Terminal


  Line 2

  Departure: Shouchun Road Terminal – Lu’an Road Chang’an Building – West Passenger Station – Xinqiao Airport

  Return trip: Xinqiao Airport – RT-Mart (Qingxi Road) – Shiliusuo – Fortune Plaza – Shuanggang – Shouchun Road Terminal


  Line 3

  Departure: South High-speed Railway Station – Passenger Transport Center Station – Xinqiao Airport

  Return: Xinqiao Airport – West Passenger Station – South High-speed Railway Station


  Line 4


  Line 5 (Binhu Line)

  Binhu New District to Xinqiao Airport (please scan the code to make an appointment two and a half hours in advance. We will provide you with airport bus service from door to door.)
In addition, Binhu Century Jinyuan Hotel and Anhui Expressway Huifeng Wanyun Hotel (offline stations are set up, and reservations can be made half an hour in advance at the stations). For those returning from Xinqiao Airport to Binhu New District, please scan the code to place an order at the airport.


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