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4th-Generation Housing Coming to Hefei ! How they Look

4th-Generation Housing Coming to Hefei ! How they Look

In the current new home market, first, the supply structure has changed, with an increase in the supply of large and improved homes;

Second, housing products have been innovated again. Since fourth-generation housing was proposed as a clear concept in 2016, the first fourth-generation housing was launched in Chengdu in 2017, and the design standards were released in 2021, more and more cities have supported and constructed fourth-generation housing. generation residence.

For example, there are 11 projects in Fuzhou in 2023, more than 30 projects in Xi’an, and 7 projects in Xiamen that will allow the construction of fourth-generation residences in the land sold in December 2023. In 2024, more than 10 fourth-generation residences will be listed in Chongqing. Anhui’s first fourth-generation residential building has also been launched in Wuhu, namely the Weixing Jade Forest Project.

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▲Rendering of Fuzhou International Trade Center Tianqinyue

Yesterday evening, Hefei announced that it will build fourth-generation residential buildings. The planned core area of ​​Swan Lake Business District, the area around Luogang Park, Dongpu Reservoir and the area around Dashu Mountain are all considered areas.

Today, Feixi also announced a fourth-generation housing construction plan, which will launch high-quality housing near Taohuatan, Ziyun Lake, Paiheyi, and Paiyuan. It seems that the fourth-generation housing will soon be launched in Hefei, which is in line with home purchases. meet.

Although the construction of fourth-generation housing has started in many cities, it is still a new thing in Hefei. So what is fourth-generation housing? What does fourth generation housing look like? What are the pros and cons? Let’s talk about this topic today.

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What are fourth-generation residential products?

The first generation is a thatched house, which solves the problem of survival. The second generation brick house solves the functional and safety needs in life. The third generation residence is a modern “elevator house”, using high-rise residences to accommodate people’s living functions. , and at the same time free up more ground space to organize public activities, which is an intensive and efficient planning method.

Although the third-generation residences basically meet the people-oriented design principles and the spatial design and planning tend to be rationalized, the same external architectural forms and similar indoor space layouts are increasingly unable to satisfy people’s yearning for a better life.

Therefore, the fourth generation of residences combines the characteristics of traditional Chinese architecture courtyard houses, alleys and alleys, low-rise villas and third-generation housing elevator rooms, and can develop into high-rise building forms, also known as “sky courtyard houses” and “sky cities”. Forest Garden”.

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What does fourth generation housing look like?

According to the “T CECS 855-2021 Urban Forest Garden Residential Design Standard” released in 2021, “Fourth Generation Housing” is divided into three categories: “Aerial household garden residences”, “Aerial shared garden residences”, “Aerial shared gardens” Residential (Sky Parking) (Complete)”.

Among them, there are sky courtyards, sky public rest courtyards, and sky parking, which is the complete version of the fourth-generation residence.

However, due to cost and technical difficulty considerations, most of them are currently using the first two, which adopt a design that integrates horizontal space and vertical space, introducing courtyards and greening into vertical space, so that every household can see courtyards, green plants, and greenery when they open the door. Trees, building vertical forests.

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Fuzhou Guomao Tianqin Bay, as a national “three-dimensional ecological residence” pilot, has created four gardens: an elevated garden, a private sky garden, a public garden, and a roof garden, creating a home surrounded by gardens.

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▲Odd-numbered floors

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▲Even-numbered layers

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▲Fuzhou International Trade Center Tianqin Bay

What are the pros and cons of fourth-generation housing?

The rules for fourth-generation housing vary from city to city. Judging from the information released so far, Hefei has the following regulations:

1. Household-owned sky gardens and public greening platforms are excluded from plot ratio and property rights area.

2. The building height shall not exceed 54 meters, the area of ​​the apartment (excluding public stalls) shall be 120 square meters or more, and each household shall be provided with at least one household sky garden.

3. The projected area of ​​a single household sky garden should not be less than 28㎡ and should not be larger than 50㎡; the sum of the projected area of ​​household sky gardens and balconies (including living balconies) should not be greater than 40% of the area within the suite (excluding public stalls).

4. The height of the household sky garden (from the elevation of the lower floor to the elevation of the upper floor) should be 2 or more natural residential layers; the depth of the household sky garden should not be greater than 6 meters; the perimeter of the household sky garden should be no less than 2 meters A complete open surface, the continuous open surface should be no less than 40% of the perimeter.

5. Enclosing walls, bay windows, etc. shall not be installed on the open surface. Only railings (railings) may be installed to facilitate direct lighting and ventilation. Those located within building recesses are not considered open surfaces. If adjacent apartments, units, and buildings are spliced ​​through a greening platform, the splicing surface will not be regarded as an open surface.

6. The design of household gardens should fully consider the privacy and security and anti-theft requirements of residents. If necessary, measures should be taken to achieve blocking or safety isolation.

As can be seen from the above, the biggest advantage of the fourth generation residence is that it has a sky courtyard not counting the property area, which improves the living environment. To put it simply, in the past, only the first floor had a yard, but now the yard is moved upstairs, and every floor has a yard, without the weaknesses of the first floor such as moisture and poor privacy.

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However, the fourth generation residences also seem to have many shortcomings, such as building safety issues, the inability to close the courtyard, privacy issues, greening maintenance issues, waterproofing issues, high later maintenance costs, and yard abandonment problems. Especially the early fourth generation residences were just simple ” “Large balcony + green plants”, these problems are even more prominent.

However, with product upgrades, more and more problems have been optimized, such as the use of structural abutments that have basically no impact on sight and lighting to ensure stability and safety, the use of end hall design to expand the lighting surface, enhanced waterproofing, and odd-even floor misalignment designs. Or increase the line of sight and use it as a board to enhance privacy, and configure an automatic drip irrigation system and an intelligent mosquito control system in the green area.

However, there is a problem that is difficult to avoid, that is, the later maintenance cost is significantly higher than that of third-generation residences, which can easily lead to the problem of yard abandonment and affect the overall facade effect. In addition, the increase in construction costs will also bring about price increases.

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On the whole, choosing a residence is choosing a lifestyle. The fourth generation of housing has opened up a new form of living. The sluggish real estate market also requires a new track to emerge. This year will become the first year of the fourth generation of housing. First year.

The sky gardens of the fourth-generation residences are fully gifted areas. For example, a single sky garden in Hefei reaches 28 to 50 square meters. The oversized sky gardens greatly extend the scale of the living space. You can not only enjoy the broad view of high-rise residences, but also have a low-density community. The courtyard life attracts the attention of home buyers.

Do you like fourth-generation housing?

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