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There are Changes in Hefei Metro Schedule

In preparation for the upcoming 2024 Spring Festival travel rush, the rail network in Hefei has adjusted its train schedule and optimized passenger transportation plans. Effective immediately, during Monday to Thursday, the last train departure time from Hefei South Station has been extended from 23:00 to 23:40.

To facilitate convenient travel during the Spring Festival period, additional measures have been implemented. From Friday to Sunday, the 1st line departing from Hefei South Station towards Zhangwa Station, the 4th line towards Qinglonggang Station/Comprehensive Security Zone, and the 5th line towards Guiyang Road Station/Jiqiao Road Station will operate an extra 2 train services.

Despite these additions, the last train departure time from Hefei South Station remains at 23:55.

Throughout the Spring Festival travel period, the Hefei rail network will closely monitor passenger flow, adjusting operational capacity in real-time. Backup trains and additional personnel will be deployed as needed to ensure smooth transportation services.

In a commitment to passenger well-being, Hefei rail has introduced compassionate services, setting up information desks at key hubs like Hefei South Station, Hefei Railway Station, and Dadaomen Station.

The “Safe Spring Festival Guardians” team will provide services such as luggage packing and transport, guidance, and medical assistance. Special “Green Channels” will be established at major stations to facilitate the swift passage of passengers with large luggage, offering convenience for travelers in a hurry.

To further enhance passenger satisfaction and safety, each station on the Hefei rail network will implement tailored plans based on the “one station, one strategy” approach.

Emergency coordination mechanisms with national railway stations have been established, enabling real-time response to train dynamics. Station personnel will be on standby, ensuring effective crowd management and guidance. Additionally, attention will be given to weather conditions, especially during cold and snowy periods, with a focus on entrance and exit areas, escalators, and provision of assistance for passengers with large items.

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