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How to check the Hefei airport bus route?

The Hefei airport bus service offers four main routes with one-ticket systems in place:

  1. Line 1:
  • Outbound: Passenger Terminal – Hefei Railway Station – Parkview Holiday Inn – Xinqiao Airport
  • Return: Xinqiao Airport – Daximen – Sanxiaokou – Chaohu Road – Mingguang Road Bus Station – Passenger Terminal
  1. Line 2:
  • Outbound: Shouchun Road Terminal – Lu’an Road Chang’an Building – West Passenger Station – Xinqiao Airport
  • Return: Xinqiao Airport – RT-Mart (Qingxi Road) – 16 – Fortune Plaza – Shuanggang – Shouchun Road Terminal
  1. Line 3:
  • Outbound: South High-speed Railway Station – Passenger Transport Center Station – Xinqiao Airport
  • Return: Xinqiao Airport – West Passenger Station – South High-speed Railway Station
  1. Line 4:
  • Outbound: Swan Lake Hotel – Shili Temple Shengshi Hotel – Xinqiao Airport
  • Return: Xinqiao Airport – Shimiao Shengshi Hotel – Crowne Plaza Hotel – Swan Lake Hotel

For specific operating hours, please refer to the “Bus Routes” section on the official website. The fare is 25 yuan/person for general routes and 50 yuan/person for the Binhu special line.

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