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Hefei Subway Staff Picks Up 300K RMB Cash , Hands to Owner

Late at night on January 25th, Mr. Gao Run, the on-duty station manager at Qinglonggang Station on Hefei Metro Line 4, made an unexpected discovery. While performing routine train cleaning at 23:22, he stumbled upon a blue handbag left on one of the seats.

Upon inspection, Mr. Gao found neatly bundled 300,000 RMB in cash inside the bag. Acting swiftly, he reported the finding to the control room and initiated efforts to locate the owner. Announcements were broadcasted to inquire if any passengers had lost personal items.

With the collaborative efforts of station staff, the owner was identified as Mr. Zheng. Contact was established, and arrangements were made for the return of the lost items.

At 23:50, Mr. Zheng hurriedly arrived at the station, where Mr. Gao was waiting with the blue handbag. The full amount of 300,000 RMB was intact. Overflowing with gratitude, Mr. Zheng commended the efficiency and dedication of the Hefei Metro staff. Despite expressing a desire to reward Mr. Gao with cash, the offer was graciously declined.

Mr. Zheng, employed in the financial industry, had withdrawn the cash for Lunar New Year celebrations with his mother. The incident concluded with a heartwarming resolution, underscoring the sense of responsibility and mission of metro staff to assist passengers in retrieving lost valuables.

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