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Hefei Residents Warned of Strict Penalties for Fireworks Violations

Residents in Hefei are urged to adhere to the “Hefei City Fireworks and Firecrackers Management Regulations.” Violations, such as purchasing or setting off fireworks in prohibited areas, may result in penalties according to relevant laws and regulations.

According to the “Fireworks and Firecrackers Safety Management Regulations,” unauthorized large-scale fireworks events face penalties of stopping the activity and fines ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 yuan. Unlawful fireworks discharge in prohibited times or locations may lead to fines of 100 to 500 yuan, with additional penalties for offenses against public order.

The “Hefei City Fireworks and Firecrackers Management Regulations” specify fines for entities failing to discourage or report firework violations in service areas and for individuals who unlawfully set off fireworks in prohibited zones. Reporting violations to the police is encouraged, and penalties aim to ensure public safety, reduce fire hazards, and prevent environmental pollution. The primary goal is not punishment but safeguarding public well-being and property. Report violations directly to the police at 110.

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