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Hefei Garden Expo theme subway train Launched!

On September 26th, the 14th China (Hefei) International Garden Expo opened in Luogang Park, Hefei. In order to enable the general public to better appreciate the charm of the Garden Expo, the Line 1 Garden Expo themed special train was also launched at 9:00 on the same day.

The themed special train number is 0101, with a total of 6 carriages, and the overall tone is mainly green. Among them, the back panel of the driver’s cab displays the theme, concept, and highlights of this year’s Garden Expo; The train billboard introduces 17 ecological garden areas such as the Peony Garden and Plum Blossom Garden, which are highly distinctive features of the Garden Expo;

On the train doors, 38 domestic and foreign city parks are displayed, including not only the Anhui Garden with Anhui style and charm, the colorful national city parks, but also the Hefei Friendship City Park with a strong international style; On the handle of the carriage, elements of the Garden Expo can also be seen everywhere, and the atmosphere of the Garden Expo is overwhelming.

People who want to go to Luogang Park to see the charm of Hefei Garden Expo Park can take the rail transit line 1 to Luogang Station Exit A or take line 5 to Shengda Station Exit C, and walk to the Garden Expo Park.

In addition to the Garden Expo themed special train, Hefei Rail also collaborated with the media to launch the Garden Expo commemorative ticket card, which will be available for sale at some stations on the online network starting from the 26th.

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