Have You Used this Hefei’s On-Demand Buses!

According to a report from Hefei Daily, a “Hail-on-Demand” or “On-Demand Bus” service has been launched. Starting from February 1st, Hefei’s first “On-Demand Bus” is in trial operation. Passengers can submit real-time travel demands and book shared or exclusive rides through their mobile phones.

The key distinction of Hefei Public Transit Group’s “On-Demand Bus” from traditional custom buses lies in its real-time nature. It provides non-fixed route transportation with advantages like “flexible routes, speedy service, and comfort.”

By considering the current location of vehicles and available seats, the service dynamically plans real-time routes, offering passengers an on-the-go, non-fixed, and point-to-point travel mode. This aims to enhance passengers’ experience with more convenient, efficient, and high-quality smart travel.

The specific service hours for “On-Demand Bus” are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, operating in the area from Hefei South Station to the Hefei Administrative District. During the trial period, passengers can enjoy shared rides for 1 yuan per person or reserve exclusive rides for 20 yuan per trip.

Citizens can access the service by logging into the “Hefei Public Transit” app or the “Hefei Public Transit” WeChat mini-program. By clicking on “On-Demand Bus” on the homepage or scanning the QR code, users can make reservations easily.

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