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Get Ready for Some Juicy Strawberry from Hefei , Changfeng

The 21st Longfeng Strawberry Cultural Tourism Festival, themed “Leisurely Picking Leads to Prosperity in the Countryside While Gazing at the City,” kicked off at Hongmei Valley in Shuihu Town, Changfeng County, Hefei City, on March 16th.

Over a thousand guests, including strawberry experts, distributors, and growers from across the province, gathered for this grand event. It’s reported that Changfeng County boasts a strawberry planting area of 210,000 mu (about 34,650 acres), yielding over 360,000 tons, with a brand value of 10.22 billion yuan.

As spring arrives, Changfeng County’s greenhouse strawberries enter their peak harvest season, becoming a popular destination for urban residents and tourists alike. Many people are enjoying the pleasure of picking ripe strawberries in the strawberry fields, making the festival a delightful occasion. With the name of strawberries, the Changfeng Strawberry Cultural Tourism Festival has been held for 21 consecutive years, becoming a influential cultural and tourism brand.Strawberries, as a beloved seasonal fruit, are eagerly anticipated by food enthusiasts, making the Strawberry Festival an annual feast.

Changfeng, known as the “Strawberry Capital of China,” is one of the largest strawberry production bases in the country. Originating in 1970, strawberry cultivation in Changfeng has expanded significantly, now ranking as the largest strawberry-producing county nationwide.

Shuihu Town, where the festival is held, is the main strawberry production area in Changfeng County, with a planting area of 60,000 mu (about 9,900 acres) and an output of 124,000 tons. In 2020 and 2021, it was awarded the title of “National Town with a 10 Billion Yuan Special Industry in Rural Areas” by the Ministry of

Agriculture and Rural Affairs, achieving both delicious strawberries and prosperity for the villagers.At the opening ceremony, visitors are tasting the sweet flavor of Changfeng strawberries at the high-quality strawberry exhibition area.

Wang Feng, the deputy county mayor of Changfeng, stated in his speech that with the increasing popularity of Changfeng strawberries and the development of cold chain transportation, Changfeng strawberries are reaching farther markets, from neighboring cities like Hefei to distant places like Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and even overseas markets such as Japan and South Korea.”

At present, Changfeng strawberries have taken over the market in southeastern provinces like Fujian,” said Xia Shixiang, president of the Changfeng Strawberry Association. With excellent quality and unique flavor, Changfeng strawberries have firmly established themselves in the market, attracting numerous visitors to indulge in picking and photography, becoming a tourism highlight of Hefei and even Anhui.

The series of activities during the Strawberry Cultural Tourism Festival include the award-winning strawberry exhibition, Changfeng agricultural product sales, the “Beautiful Countryside” strawberry-themed painting and calligraphy exhibition, and the “Leisurely Picking Leads to Prosperity in the Countryside” agritourism experience.

In addition to the opening day’s events, there are also free movie screenings under the theme “Gazing at the City Leads to Prosperity in the Countryside” and the first “Reflecting on Changes Through the Lens” Changfeng Photography Contest.

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