Do Not Open these Types of Red Envelopes “Hongbao”

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the tradition of exchanging red packets has once again become a popular activity. However, the police in Hefei are reminding everyone to be cautious when snatching red packets.

Red Packets Requiring Passwords

If a red packet from a WeChat friend prompts you to enter a password upon opening, be wary. In fact, receiving WeChat red packets does not require entering a password. If you encounter such red packets, exit promptly to avoid any potential losses.

Red Packets Requiring Personal Information

Some red packets may require you to input personal information such as your phone number, name, or bank account number upon receiving them. These are traps set by criminals: the background Trojan virus can seize the opportunity to steal the random mobile phone verification codes sent by the banking system and transfer the money in your account at any time.

Legitimate WeChat red packets can be received with a simple click and will automatically be stored in your WeChat wallet without the need to input personal information.

Red Packets Requiring Forwarding

After clicking on these red packets, you may be prompted to forward them to other WeChat groups or share them on Moments (WeChat’s social feed) to claim them. By using the WeChat friend chain for dissemination, users significantly lower their guard. Many people, out of trust for their friends, continue to share the red packets with others. Combined with the cumbersome red packet process, this reluctance to give up “previous efforts” leads to a vicious cycle and widespread dissemination.

When encountering red packets that require forwarding before claiming, it is necessary to remain vigilant to avoid falling victim to scams.

Red Packets with Inductive Forwarding Language

These red packets often come with various inducements to make users fall for them easily, such as a realistic voice message, an invitation to join a group, or phrases like “I’ve already claimed mine,” all of which encourage users to click.

Red Packets Impersonating Officials

Criminals forge webpage content, impersonating officials and fabricating false “positive news” under the guise of hot topics. They then use “large sum red packets” as bait to deceive and induce users to click.

“Cash Red Packets” and “AA Red Packets”

Be cautious of red packet scams with phrases like “giving money,” “cash gifts,” or “AA red packets.” These red packets often slightly modify the WeChat AA payment interface, adding phrases like “giving money” or “cash gifts,” leading users to mistakenly believe they are claiming red packets, when in fact they are making a transfer to the other party.

The legitimate WeChat red packet interface is orange-red. Remember, after opening a real red packet, the funds will automatically enter your balance. Always remain vigilant when asked to input personal information or bank account passwords!

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