Swan Lake Wanda Plaza

By administrator | Mar 05,2015

Swan lake wanda plaza is located in the center of hefei government affairs area out of print area, east to huaining road and hefei municipal people's government on the other side of the street, the south city main road south 2nd ring (flow) east, west to cloud road, north to Gao He west road. Around the distribution of the municipal government and multiple straight unit, several large residential area, around the Olympic sports center, grand theatre, a large number of popular places like high-end office space, check in commercial atmosphere and has a large amount of permanent population, near swan lake, the advantage of more excellent natural environment. Swan lake wanda plaza, continuation of the glorious hatosy wanda plaza, will be in the business planning, commercial layout, store the product type, construction quality and other aspects to further upgrade, strive to create another peak of wanda in hefei.