VIDEO: This is Crazy ! Squat Toilets Beneath Dormitory Beds

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Unusual Dormitory Design in Henan Province Prompts Response from Local Authorities

A recent video circulating online has drawn attention to the interior layout of dormitories in the Second Junior High School in Yongxing Town, Weishi County, Henan Province. The video showcases an unconventional design where squat toilets are positioned beneath the beds, with the flush tanks installed at the headboards, sparking confusion among viewers regarding its functionality.

According to online sources, the footage was captured on February 26th within student dormitories at the aforementioned school. The dormitories feature bunk beds, with squat toilets situated under one side of the beds and flush tanks mounted at the headboard end. This design has left many netizens puzzled, expressing concerns and bafflement.

On February 26th, a reporter from the Xiaoxiang Morning Post contacted a staff member from the Second Junior High School in Yongxing Town. In response to queries and attention from netizens, the staff member explained that these rooms had been dormitories that underwent government requisition and subsequent renovations. The purpose of the renovation was to install toilets in each dormitory, aiming to enhance student convenience. However, these renovated dormitories are not yet in use and remain clean and tidy.

Regarding the primary concern of restroom usage, the staff member stated that despite the peculiar design, it wouldn’t impede students’ normal use. They explained that the design, with squat toilets under the beds and flush tanks at the head, aims to maximize space utilization and facilitate washing for students. However, they acknowledged potential drawbacks such as aesthetics and comfort. Nevertheless, they emphasized that these dormitories are not currently in use and adjustments and improvements would be made based on practical circumstances in the future.

A staff member from the Weishi County Bureau of Education and Sports, responding to inquiries from the Xiaoxiang Morning Post, stated that they have received feedback regarding the situation and will report it to the leadership for investigation. They assured that a thorough investigation would be conducted, and results would be provided promptly. Additionally, they urged netizens to approach the matter rationally and avoid spreading unsubstantiated information.

This incident has sparked widespread attention and discussion across various sectors of society. Some view this design as innovative and an attempt to address the issue of limited dormitory space, while others criticize it for being impractical and not in line with student habits and needs. Calls for enhanced supervision of school construction and management to ensure student living environments and safety have also been made.

This incident prompts reflection and analysis from multiple perspectives. Schools and education authorities should consider students’ needs and habits and provide a more comfortable, safe, and convenient living environment. Moreover, they should strengthen supervision of school construction and management to ensure the quality and safety of facilities and services.

As members of society and netizens, maintaining a rational and objective attitude is crucial. It’s essential to trust that the government and education authorities will actively address the issue and provide reasonable solutions promptly.

Lastly, this incident highlights deeper issues concerning the protection of students’ rights and interests. Efforts should be collectively made to provide students with high-quality education resources and services, promoting their comprehensive development and growth.

In conclusion, while the unconventional design of squat toilets under beds and flush tanks at headboards in the dormitories of a school in Henan Province may seem peculiar, it prompts us to consider issues such as school construction and management, as well as the protection of students’ rights and interests. Collective efforts should be made to create a better living and learning environment for students.

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