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Quiz 5 : Delivery Packages Stolen as Valentines Day Gift for Girlfriend :

Quiz 5 : Delivery Packages Stolen as Valentines Day Gift for Girlfriend :-Ispeak
Quiz 5 : Delivery Packages Stolen as Valentines Day Gift for Girlfriend :

On February 14th, according to a report from China News Network Shanghai, a man was apprehended by authorities for an unusual crime: stealing other people’s express deliveries to use as Valentine’s Day gifts for his girlfriend.

Identified as Cao, the perpetrator was caught after he stole six packages from a residential building.The incident came to light when a delivery person reported to the police that six packages they had placed in a designated area within a residential complex had gone missing.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the packages had been stolen, prompting residents who were expecting deliveries to contact the authorities.Police officers quickly responded to the situation, reviewing surveillance footage from the area. In the footage, they observed a man wearing a green down jacket browsing through the packages before hastily grabbing six of them and leaving the scene.

The description provided by the delivery person matched that of the suspect in the video.Upon further inquiry, it was revealed that the perpetrator, Cao, had a specific motive for the theft. He confessed that he had been out drinking with friends the night before and, on his way home, he passed by the residential complex where he knew express deliveries were often left unattended.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Cao seized the opportunity to acquire gifts for his girlfriend.Familiar with the layout of the building due to previous interactions with the delivery system, Cao targeted the third and fifth floors, stealing a total of six packages.

After obtaining the packages, he opened them in a secluded location, keeping three pairs of shoes to present to his girlfriend as expressions of his affection.The stolen items were estimated to have a total value of around 1000 RMB. Following his admission of guilt, Cao was taken into custody by the Baoshan police for theft, where he awaits further legal proceedings.

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