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By | Jan 23,2017

Personal Center

Now the application, regardless of the mobile phone terminal or PC terminal, if there is no personal center, it is also playing what ah? It still allows users to spell a West East a profile, find information?

With personal center, in a page the user can easily view your information, we take a look at Sina Weibo and personal center Baidu Post Bar:

APP also have our own personal center. It is the initial realization of the user's system and message alerts. Including system message alerts and reminders reply comments, in addition, users can also see their favorite content and comments in individual centers.

How to enter personal center?

Login APP, then click on the user to enter a personal avatar Center, shown after entering the personal center as follows.

Modify Personal Information

You can modify your personal information in your center, such as modifying the avatar, edit nickname, modify personal profile and so on. Click User Profile, you can enter the "Account Information" interface, this interface can be modified in the user's nickname and avatar, as shown below.

The same way, if you want to modify a user's signature, simply click on the user's signature, and then modify it to open the "Edit Profile" in the following figure:

message notification

In the APP, if there is a new message, the user avatar upper right corner of the area there will be a red box, click on the individual into the center, you can view specific, as shown below:

In the "prompt message", the user can concentrate see comments received, reply, etc., as shown below.

Users can view their own personal center commented, liked the article.

Optimization of individual centers

This update our personal center were optimized. Individual centers can show users the full address, especially for residential users, you can have a sense of intimacy, increase trust between businesses and users, and users.

You can view the user as a customer receive store coupons, membership cards and the lower orders;

As shops and businesses created orders received; and the like can be shop collection, and view your favorite shops.

With the business user in the chat, you can click on the picture business, personal business into the center, view all open his shop.

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