UPDATE: Notice on Epidemic Control in Hefei urban Areas

Notice on strengthening epidemic prevention and control in urban areas

In view of the fact that there are still many sporadic cases in Hefei, in order to quickly interrupt the epidemic transmission chain, strictly prevent the risk of social transmission, and win the epidemic prevention and control war, the following notice is hereby issued to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work in the urban area:

1. Suspend the opening of some cultural, leisure and entertainment venues.

Urban performing arts venues, Internet cafes, theaters, art galleries, museums, memorial halls, cultural centers (stations), libraries (reading spaces), indoor places in landscape parks, gyms, public baths, saunas, clubs, beauty salons, yoga studios, foot massage shops, pedicure shops, ear picking shops, beauty shops, moxibustion (acupuncture) halls, bars, KTV, indoor song and dance venues, indoor gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, chess and card rooms, mahjong halls, massage shops, game venues, Leisure and entertainment places such as board and card game rooms, script killing rooms, and rest rooms are temporarily closed.

2. Strengthen the control of gathering activities.

All food and beverage service units in the urban area are temporarily not dine-in, and online sales are implemented. In accordance with the principle of “not holding unless necessary, can be held online but not offline”, the number and scale of public activities are strictly controlled, exhibitions, forums, training, examinations (written tests, interviews) and other gathering activities with more than 50 people are suspended in principle, and if the unauthorized holding causes the risk of epidemic transmission, the organizer, the organizers will be investigated in accordance with the law. Encourage working from home and online, and campuses, buildings and enterprises that have the capacity should adopt flexible working systems as much as possible to minimize the gathering of people.

3. Implement closed campus management.

All colleges and universities and boarding schools in urban areas are under closed management and gatherings are suspended. Primary and secondary schools and off-campus training institutions have suspended offline teaching activities and implemented online teaching. Kindergartens and childcare facilities suspend children’s access to kindergartens. Dual-income families can take one person off to care for their children.

4. Strengthen nucleic acid testing and two-code inspection.

The city conducts a daily round of nucleic acid testing, requiring the public and people coming (and going) to actively participate in the recent peak staggering and must do due diligence. All kinds of public places, business places, public institutions, enterprises and institutions in the city must make sure that every entry is scanned, every scan must be checked, there is no omission, the itinerary code and the 48-hour nucleic acid test negative report must be strictly checked. Where special groups such as the elderly and children are unable to provide relevant reports, manual registration shall be conducted. Personnel who do not meet the epidemic prevention requirements are not allowed to enter, and the places that do not implement the prevention and control requirements are immediately closed for rectification.

5. Strengthen the control of public transportation.

Appropriately reduce the frequency of public transportation, and temporarily stop in medium- and high-risk areas. When taking subways, buses, taxis, and online ride-hailing, people must wear masks, strictly check the “two codes” and 48-hour nucleic acid test negative reports. The general public is requested to arrange travel time reasonably, keep a safe distance when queuing, and prevent people from gathering.

6. Strengthen prevention and control in residential areas.

All personnel entering residential areas in the city must wear masks and actively cooperate with prevention and control measures such as checking the “two codes” and negative nucleic acid test reports within 48 hours. Vehicles entering the community are checked.

7. Strengthen the management of medical institutions.

Designated medical institutions should standardize the operation of fever outpatient clinics, strictly pre-check and triage, time-based appointment for diagnosis and treatment, and comprehensively strengthen hospital sense management. If you have fever, dry cough, sore throat and other symptoms, you should go to the fever clinic of the designated medical institution in time for medical treatment, and avoid taking public transportation on the way. All fever clinics and retail pharmacies in the city should continue to play a good role as “sentinel points”, and personnel who purchase “five types of drugs” such as antipyretic, cough suppressant , antiviral, antibacterial, and cold must register their real names, upload information, and timely track inquiries and feedback in their territories.

8. Delineate and strengthen the management and control of medium- and high-risk areas.

In medium- and high-risk areas in urban areas, all kinds of places are closed and managed, of which in principle, only one entrance and exit is retained in residential communities, and residents do not leave their homes and provide door-to-door services in the community. Except for medical institutions, supermarkets and other units that ensure basic livelihood, all public places and farmers’ markets are temporarily suspended. All enterprises implement closed-loop management, and enterprises that cannot be closed-loop management suspend production and operation. All supermarkets and retail pharmacies only implement online sales.

9. Advocate not leaving Hefei unless necessary.

Those who do need to leave Hefei should not go to medium- and high-risk areas of the epidemic, and at the same time must hold a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours and do a good job of self-protection throughout the process, and report in time before returning to Hefei

At present, the epidemic prevention and control in Hefei is at a critical stage, which requires everyone’s contribution and responsibility, please continue to support, understand and cooperate.

This notice will be implemented from the date of issuance, and will be dynamically adjusted in a timely manner according to the results of the epidemic prevention and control assessment.

Hefei Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command

October 20, 2022

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