Upcoming Event: Hefei 100km New Year’s Eve Walk

The 2022 12th China Hefei 100km New Year’s Eve Walk will be held from December 31, 2022, to January 1, 2023 (statutory holidays), if you are interested, you can sign up.

I. Name of the event:

2022 China Hefei 12th Walker 100km New Year’s Eve Walk

II. Theme:

It’s a path back to the heart

III. Activity Time:

December 31, 2022 – January 1, 2023 (Public holidays)

IV. Application Group:

100KM Full Course (16-65 years old)

50KM Half Course (16-65 years old)

Junior Group (mileage to be determined, 5-16 years old can register, fill in the child’s information when registering)

5. Registration deadline: 24:00 on December 21, 2022

VI. Application Fee:

Full group 300 RMB per person

Half course set 200 RMB/person

Junior Group RMB 100 per person (Junior registration only)

Number of applicants: Quota is limited, registration deadline

Activity route: Starting point: TBD

End point: TBD

Route: Huanchaohu Avenue (specific route to be announced later)

7. Anhui Walker APP fee includes:


VIII. Description of Fees:

1. The activity service is only within the group mileage

2. Commemorative medals must be collected on-site after participating in the activity and completing the corresponding category

3. After downloading the Anhui Walker app, the certificate will be generated by normal electronic sign-in

4. Only 1 set of materials will be provided with the parent accompaniment of the junior group

9. Questions and answers

1. Please use your own mobile phone number to log in and register, each account can only register once, mobile phone number involves real-name electronic certificate, electronic sign-in, material collection, etc., please do not use other people’s mobile phone number to register.

2. In order to protect the safety and rights of participants, the true and accurate information of the participants must be filled in during the registration process, and the quota cannot be transferred after successful registration (involving the real-name insurance rights and interests of the contestants themselves). Players shall bear the consequences caused by filling in incorrect registration information, transferring places without authorization, etc.

3. The organizing committee has the right to decide whether to accept the registration according to the registration situation. Fees will not be refunded after successful registration.

5. When registering, please read the registration instructions carefully. Health Notice, Risk Notice, Payment Registration by default to know the relevant notices.

6. Users who are eligible for free quota should contact customers to show free quota vouchers, such as past volunteers, awards in activities, etc.

7. At present, there are no relevant epidemic prevention and control regulations, and if there is any change, we will notify you by SMS in advance.

8. Runners who have passed the early registration review can contact customer service to obtain the 12th Walker 100km direct quota.

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