These are the Children Friendly Communities in Hefei

These are the Children Friendly Communities in Hefei

On May 6th, the city of Hefei finalized the selection of 16 communities as the first batch of child-friendly communities. After a thorough evaluation process by the Hefei Civil Affairs Bureau in conjunction with the Women and Children’s Work Committee of the Hefei Municipal Government, the following communities were confirmed:

In Feidong County: Paitou Community and Zhenxi Community in Tianjin Town.

In Feixi County: Xi’an Community in Feixi Economic Development Zone and Jinxiu Yiyuan Community in Taohua Town.

In Changfeng County: Fengning Community in Shuangfeng Development Zone and Chuhe Community in Shuangdun Town.

In Yaohai District: Fengyang Community in Sanli Street.In Luyang District: Lidu Community in Xinglin Street.

In Shushan District: Annong Community in Hupo Street, Kaisenmen Community in Hehedijie Street, Tian’e Lake Community in Bijiashan Street, and Longju Community in Wulidun Street.

In Baohe District: Jintuotao Community in Daxu Town, Zhuxi Community in Changqing Street, Shixing Community (Street level) in Fangxing Community, and Yunhua Community in Wannianbu Street.

Next, the Hefei Civil Affairs Bureau will take the lead in the construction of child-friendly communities in accordance with its own responsibilities, providing support and services to promote the smooth progress of child-friendly city demonstration creation efforts in various places.

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