At 11:56 on January 24,

Dongxiang District, Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province issued a notice on organizing and carrying out free nucleic acid testing. The circular clearly required residents of the entire district to actively participate in the test which was organized by the local authorities.

At a time when people are deliberately avoiding the epidemic topic ,

the announcement quickly attracted the attention of netizens , reaching over 50 million views within a short time.

At about 17:00 on the same day, the announcement, which had only been posted 5 hours ago, was quickly deleted.

After the withdrawal of the notice, many people called the local epidemic prevention office, but the explanation they got was: this nucleic acid test was uniformly arranged and deployed by the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters, “This test is mainly to count the nucleic acid positive rate of the city’s social population, and residents don’t have to worry too much.”

Seeing that the development was unexpected, the local government quickly reacted , and at 20:24, the local office once again published the “Situation Note on the Organization of Nucleic Acid Testing in Dongxiang District”, explaining the original intention for issuing the notice and apologizing to the public.

What was the original intention of this notice is a big question mark. Power cannot be capricious, epidemic prevention is not a universal shield, this lesson should be remembered in some places!

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