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Take Note! Hefei E-Bike New Rules Kick Off from Nov 1

The Hefei Non-Motor Vehicle Safety Management Regulations will officially be implemented from November 1, 2022.

It is forbidden to install or modify seats or install awnings and windshields

The regulation expressly prohibits the assembly, installation, modification, and other illegal acts affecting safe driving, in particular the installation or modification of seats or sun shades, wind deflectors and other devices, the removal or modification of speed limiting devices, and other illegal acts and related commercial activities. Where the business activities of assembling, adding, or modifying electric bicycles violate the regulations, the market supervision department shall order corrections.


The Regulations clearly stipulate that electric bicycles and wheelchairs for the disabled shall be registered in accordance with the law and can only be go on the road after obtaining a non-motor vehicle license; The license plate must not be defaced, blurred or inverted; It is forbidden to forge, alter or use forged or fake non-motor vehicle number plates; For non-motor vehicles owned by individuals, a free registration policy is implemented.

Drivers and passengers should wear safety helmets

The Regulations make creative provisions on the current existence of over-standard electric bicycles from the aspects of production and marketing management and approval period. Special regulations, electric bicycles do not meet the relevant standards, have obtained temporary traffic signs in the city in accordance with relevant regulations, as well as temporary traffic signs obtained in other places, and within the validity period, must meet the temporary passage period stipulated by Hefei City, and must not drive on the road after the deadline.

At the same time, the regulations stipulate that drivers and passengers of electric bicycles should wear safety helmets. Those who violate these regulations shall be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Anhui Province Electric Bicycle Management Regulations”.

Illegal parking of non-motor vehicles is punishable by a fine of up to 50 yuan

The regulation stipulates that during the planning and construction phase, high-traffic public places, such as shopping malls, office buildings and bazaars, should be equipped with non-motorized parking. State organs, enterprises and institutions, residential communities, and commercial building management units shall facilitate online catering take-out and express delivery service vehicles, and further facilitate the parking of the masses for daily travel and the temporary parking of “takeaway vehicles”.

At the same time, in order to further regulate the parking order of non-motor vehicles in the jurisdiction, the Regulations stipulate that if a non-motor vehicle is parked on a motorized lane, a non-motorized lane or a sidewalk without a designated parking area, obstructing the passage of other vehicles and pedestrians, the traffic management department of the public security organ shall order corrections; Those who refuse to make corrections on the spot shall be given a warning or a fine of between 5 and 50 yuan. If the driver refuses to accept the fine, he can detain his non-motor vehicle.

It is forbidden to pull wires privately for charging

In order to solve the masses’ non-motor vehicle charging needs and strengthen charging safety management, the Regulations clearly stipulate that new, reconstructed and expanded residential communities shall build centralized non-motor vehicle parking lots and charging facilities in accordance with relevant regulations; Property service enterprises shall strengthen the management of electric bicycle parking and charging in the management area, and carry out daily inspections and publicity on safe electricity use; It clarifies the places where electric bicycle charging is prohibited, and clarifies the behavior of pulling wires to charge privately in violation of power safety requirements.

If an electric bicycle is charged in public places such as public foyers, stairwells, evacuation passages, and safety exits of high-rise civil buildings, the fire rescue agency shall order corrections. where corrections are refused, a fine of between 2,000 and 10,000 yuan shall be imposed on commercial units and individuals; A fine of between 500 and 1,000 yuan shall be imposed on non-business units and individuals.

Shared bicycles should be cleaned up and maintained daily

For non-motor vehicles leasing on the Internet, the Regulations firmly grasp the two key issues of parking order and operation and maintenance scheduling, adhere to total regulation, precise delivery and efficient operation and maintenance, establish a daily inspection system for operating enterprises, clean up vehicles that are not parked at parking points , damaged or abandoned

In addition, if the Internet leasing non-motor vehicle operator fails to clean up the vehicles not parked at the parking point every day, affecting the normal passage of pedestrians and vehicles, the urban management department shall order corrections. where corrections are refused, a fine of between 1,000 and 5,000 yuan shall be imposed.

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