Take Note : Chaohu Taxi Fare to be Adjusted

It is learned from Chaohu Transportation Department on March 1 that taxi companies in the city will adjust the taxi fare.

The starting price of the city cruise taxi will be adjusted to 7 yuan/2 kilometers.

The rental standard of cruising taxi per kilometer will be adjusted to 1.6 yuan per kilometer regardless of displacement.

The standard of waiting time fee for cruise taxi will be: free within 1 minute, and 0.2 yuan per minute after 1 minute.

The standard fare for cruise taxi : 50% more than 5 kilometers.

20% night allowance will be added to the base price of the cruise taxi at night (22:00-5:00 the next day) and the rental rate of the car kilometers.

From New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the first month (7 days in total), the taxi starting price will be temporarily increased by 3 yuan per trip.

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