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Suzhou- What should I do if I receive an Epidermic Related Call?

What should I do if I receive a call from an investigation?

If you receive a call (information) related to epidemic prevention and control such as abnormal nucleic acid tests, close contact, and sub-close contact, please immediately call “12345” or ” 110 ” or truthfully report the situation to the local epidemic prevention and control authorities in your community and cooperate with the implementation of measures such as circulation investigation, nucleic acid testing, and health management.

It is also necessary to implement personal protection, not go out at will or take public transportation, avoid contact with others, and wait in place for staff to come to carry out follow-up prevention and control work.

Those who deliberately conceal or fail to report in time, resulting in the spread of the epidemic, will bear corresponding legal responsibility.

People coming from outside the province will carry out 3 inspections in 3 days.

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