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According to South Korea’s “JoongAng Ilbo”, on January 3, local time, two days after South Korea implemented high-intensity epidemic prevention measures for arrivals from China, the new crown information management system operated by the country’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention made an error and could not transmit the information of Chinese arrivals to local governments.

According to the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, from the morning of the 3rd, there was an error in the new crown information management system, so the information on Chinese arrivals that should have been conveyed to the public health departments of cities, counties, and districts across the country could not be delivered.

A health department source said: “The CDC said that the system will be repaired and resume operation at about 2 p.m., but as of 2:30 p.m., it had not been restored.” ”

A health authority source in Seoul said: “At present, all 25 autonomous regions of Seoul have said that they cannot confirm the current situation information of arrivals from China. Local government officials are discussing what to do now. ”

A health agency in Gyeonggi Province, Seoul, said: “I asked the CDC if I could write information about arrivals by hand, but they said they would solve the system problem as soon as possible.” ”

From the 2nd, South Korea requires passengers arriving from China to undergo a new crown test in a separate area within the airport. Koreans and foreigners living in South Korea for a long time must go to the local health center to get tested within one day of arrival and stay at home to wait for the results. The Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention explained that the management system has been faulty since the morning of the 3rd, so the information of the entry has not been notified to the local government for the time being.

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