Impressive : Hefei Economic Zone Ranked 6th Nation-Wide

The latest assessment and evaluation results of the comprehensive development level of national-level economic and technological development zones in 2022 released by the Ministry of Commerce show that among the 217 national-level economic development zones participating in the assessment, Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone jumped to sixth, surpassing Hangzhou and Jiangning, and ranking third in the Yangtze River Delta.

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This year, Hefei Economic Development Zone celebrates its 30th anniversary. Behind this outstanding achievement is the vivid practice of Hefei Economic and Development Zone adhering to scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation, and concentrating on building a world-class industrial cluster. From “Anhui Industrial Pilot Zone” to “Yangtze River Delta High-quality Development Demonstration Zone”, the current Hefei Economic Development Zone has become one of the areas with the strongest development strength, the strongest development vitality and the greatest development potential in Anhui Province.

New energy vehicles in the region have gathered 76 enterprises in the whole industry chain, and in 2022, 13 new energy vehicles rolled off the production lines with an output value of more than 4000 billion yuan, a growth rate of more than 42%.

At the same time, the integrated circuit industry is making rapid progress, with high-end memory chip projects as the leader, and the integrated circuit industry base integrating design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, materials and equipment with international influence has begun to take shape, and has settled in 72 integrated circuit enterprises, accelerating the realization of domestic replacement of integrated circuit supply chain.

In recent years, Hefei Economic Development Zone has taken the lead in layout, continued to focus on world-class industrial clusters, and rapidly emerged strategic emerging industries such as integrated circuits, new energy vehicles, and biomedicine. The key to jumping up the ranking is not only to seize the opportunity, but also to accelerate construction, continue to make efforts, and focus on output.

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