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The residential heating price is 27.00 yuan per square meter (floor area); The heating price for non-residential units is 31.00 yuan per square meter (floor area).

For non-residents (business houses and others) with a floor height of more than 3 meters, the heating fee will be 5% more for every 0.3 meters exceeded, and the maximum price increase shall not exceed 50%. 

II. Payment time:

1. Heating users shall pay the heating fee before October 20 of each year; If the fee is overdue, a liquidated penalty of 5% of the heating fee payable shall be charged in accordance with the contract.

2. Users who have requested a heat supply in the previous year, a heat stop in the current year, or a heat stop in the previous year or resumption of heat consumption in the current year, please go through the relevant procedures at the heating branch before September 20



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