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Biological Father Unknown Due to Hospital’s Mistake

More than ten years ago

, a man and his ex-wife gave birth to a son through test-tube surgery in the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University because of infertility . Years later, the parents unexpectedly discovered that their son was not related to them by blood.

图片[1]-Father Unknown Due to Hospital's Mistake

No need to care about it?

In a lawsuit, the court ruled that the hospital had a medical fault and should bear full responsibility and compensate the parents 640,000 yuan. The hospital said that there is no way to find out the biological parents of the child now, and claimed that “life should be open-minded, there is no need to care about it.”

Some netizens said, in fact, the crazy thing about the incident is not just the mistake made, but the attitude of the hospital ! They show no empathy!


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