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Hefei will Reach 20 Degrees Tomorrow , What’s Going On?

Judging from the weather forecast , the maximum temperature in Hefei tomorrow will reach up to 20 degrees.

图片[1]-What's Going On? Why is Hefei Warm this Winter

What’s Going On?

Normally, the weather should be cold in Hefei at this time of the year .

Staff at the municipal meteorological department explained the situation.

图片[2]-What's Going On? Why is Hefei Warm this Winter

According to the weather bureau, cold air has been weak recently, which basically has little impact on the south of Huanghuai; Coupled with the good weather and solar radiation, the temperature has risen significantly during the day.

This is normal, as it isn’t the first time Hefei is witnessing temperatures of up to 20 degrees in January. The temperature will still drop in coming weeks.

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