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Hefei Says Don’t Enter Supermarkets, Gyms , Cinemas …. IF

Hefei Says Don’t Enter Supermarkets, Gyms , Cinemas …. IF

On the afternoon of November 22, Hefei Municipality held a video conference on epidemic prevention and control.

The meeting pointed out the following points amongst others ;

1. “Landing inspection” must be ensured at railway stations, airports and crossings , which will inevitably affect the speed of passenger flow at the stations .

2. In the near future , schools may not invite off-campus personnel into the school to carry out training and other gathering activities unrelated to teaching. Faculty and staff should strictly abide by epidemic prevention regulations and resolutely prevent the epidemic from entering the campus.

3. During the first 5 days , people coming from recent risk areas , should not enter crowded places such as supermarkets, farm product markets, Internet bars, cinemas, gyms, chess and card rooms and other public places, and should not take the bus or subway

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