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Hefei Community Fined for Illegally Overcharging Users on Power Bill

Anhui Meilemei Property Service Group Co., Ltd. has been found guilty of unlawfully collecting electricity fees from end-users. The Feixi County Market Supervision Bureau has taken action by issuing a warning and imposing a fine of 60,000 yuan on the company.

As per the publicly available credit information on Credit China (Anhui), the company violated regulations by not adhering to the national electricity price catalog when collecting electricity fees from end-users, thus engaging in an illegal practice of adding additional charges to the electricity fees.

In accordance with the People’s Republic of China Electricity Law, penalties for such violations include a warning from the price administrative department, an order to refund the unlawfully collected fees, and a potential fine of up to five times the amount collected illegally. In severe cases, administrative measures may be taken against relevant management and personnel. The Feixi County Market Supervision Bureau has opted to issue a warning and impose a 60,000 yuan fine on the company.

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