Good News : Hefei IKEA Store Opens on the 15th

Good News : Hefei IKEA Store Opens on the 15th

On December 15, the Hefei IKEA store will officially open, becoming the first in Anhui Province

IKEA Hefei Shopping Center is located at No. 129, Mengcheng North Road, Luyang District, Hefei, adjacent to Haitang Station of Metro Line 3. Covering an area of more than 18,000 square meters, the mall offers nearly 9,000 pieces of practical and creative furniture and household items covering all aspects of daily life.

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The IKEA store’s customer restaurant offers more than 400 seats, where customers can enjoy Swedish specialties such as meatballs.

As a family-friendly mall, IKEA Hefei has a smart children’s playground that is free for kids between 4-6 years old and 1-1.3 meters, and there are also free children’s play facilities in different areas of the mall. In addition, the mall is equipped with amenities such as mother and baby rooms, family parking spaces, and lockers.


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