First Outbound Tour Group Leave for Bangkok

At 7: 20 in the morning of February 10, a small colorful flag was waving, and a group of outbound tourists appeared in the international departure hall of Ningbo Lishe Airport. The tour guide was busy preparing, and the tourists gathered one after another in laughter. This is the first Ningbo outbound tour after three years, the destination is Bangkok, Thailand.

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In order to actively and steadily do a good job in ensuring the clearance of outbound tourist groups, the Ningbo Airport Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection Station has launched a number of measures. Actively communicate with airlines and travel agencies, grasp the scale of outbound tour groups in advance, optimize the customs clearance process, increase the number of police officers outside Taiwan to guide passengers to correctly choose the group inspection channels, and save the waiting time.

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“Since the optimization and adjustment of relevant policies for immigration management after the ‘Class B Tube’ and since February 6, after the pilot restoration of outbound team tourism business, Ningbo Airport has witnessed a steady increase in the number of passengers entering and leaving China. Ningbo Airport will optimize its service organization, strengthen the security of customs clearance, provide sufficient police force and open sufficient channels to ensure that Chinese citizens will not queue up for customs clearance for more than 30 minutes.” Shao Yuming, the captain of the second team on duty at the entry and exit border inspection station of Ningbo Airport, said.

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Ningbo Airport Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection Station warm reminder reminder, the current “B class B tube” implementation of superimposed travel peak, The pilot program of outbound group travel for Chinese people has resumed, and inbound and outbound flights have resumed in an orderly manner. The inbound and outbound passenger flow at Ningbo Lishe International Airport has obviously resumed. People should pay attention to the situation at the port and arrange their travel in a reasonable manner before they travel. In the event of difficulties during customs clearance, the Immigration Police on site can be consulted for assistance. (Correspondents: Tang Haotian, Xie Mingdiao)

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