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End of an Era: WeChat Drops ‘Shake’ Feature, Introduces ‘Listen’ Function in Latest Update

In the latest version of WeChat, the “Shake” function has completely disappeared, replaced by the new “Listen” function. This change has caught the attention and sparked discussions among users. In version 8.0.47 of WeChat, the “Shake” function is nowhere to be found, and instead, the recently launched “Listen” function has taken its place.

Users are unable to add the “Shake” function in the Discovery page settings, indicating that WeChat has completely abandoned this feature. When a netizen inquired about the absence of “Shake” to Tencent customer service, they responded that the “Shake” function is currently offline. It was found that in the overseas version of WeChat 8.0.47, the “Shake” function is still available.

WeChat’s “Shake” function was introduced in September 2012 and has been popular among users for the past 11 years. Initially, this feature allowed users to interact socially by shaking their phones to find nearby or nationwide users, exchange pictures, or participate in activities.

During the 2015 Chinese New Year period, WeChat launched the “Shake Red Packet” activity, attracting a large number of users to participate. However, the related functions gradually faded from people’s view.

The recently added “Listen” function retains the song recognition feature from “Shake” and introduces new features such as “Live Music,” “Music Fans Circle,” and personal settings. Users can listen to music for free for 30 minutes by watching a 15-second ad.

Regarding the discontinuation of the “Shake” function on WeChat, netizens have expressed various opinions. Some lamented that this function is a tear of the times, some expressed disinterest in this function, and others mentioned that other social apps like Momo and Tantan also have similar functions.

This change has also sparked discussions about other features like “Poke.” Some hope to have it discontinued or provide a toggle switch to turn it off, as they don’t understand the significance of this function.

WeChat’s feature adjustments are ongoing, and the replacement of “Shake” with “Listen” reflects WeChat’s continuous innovation and improvement.

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