Don’t Waste Food ; New Measures to Stop Food Waste in Hefei

Hefei is taking an important step towards reducing food waste. The city has announced plans to reduce food waste within its borders which includes measures such as encouraging citizens to eat more responsibly and raising public awareness of the importance of reducing food waste through campaigns and regulations.

图片[1]-Hefei Says Don’t Order What You Can’t Eat up at Restaurants

Signs to prevent food waste, such as “order the right amount of food, pack leftovers”, shall be posted in conspicuous places at restaurants . Food quantity, number of recommended consumers and other information shall be marked on menus ; Service staff should guide consumers to order food according to their needs and avoid waste.

The concept of preventing food waste shall be incorporated into menu designs, dishes and staple foods will be allocated reasonably to the number of diners, and a variety of food supply schemes such as “half price, “small portion, reasonable price”, will be provided. Those who provide buffet service should actively inform consumers of the rules and requirements for preventing food waste, provide different specifications of tableware, and remind consumers to take the right amount of food; Wedding banquet and group meal should be provided with diversified choices.

Restaurants should provide packaging boxes and guide consumers to pack leftovers, and advocate the use of biodegradable packaging boxes

Hefei market supervision department will carry out supervision and inspection on catering service providers to prevent food waste. Once it is found that a catering unit has “not actively reminded consumers of food waste prevention tips”, “induced and misled consumers to order excessive food to cause obvious waste”, and other illegal behaviors, the catering provider will be investigated in accordance with the law.

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