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Dine-In Fully Restored, Subway Lines Operational, Covid Testing Adjusted

Hefei fully resumed the dine-in service of the catering industry suspended due to the epidemic in the early stage

On November 5, a total of 8.667 million nucleic acid tests were conducted in Hefei, and the results were all negative, and there were no new cases in the city. From this morning, the catering industry dining services that have been suspended due to the epidemic will be fully resumed.

All temporarily suspended stations of Hefei Rail Metro have resume operation

On November 5, Hefei Rail Group issued an announcement stating that from 8:00 on November 5, Line 1 Tangxihe Park Station, Zilu Station, Binhu Convention and Exhibition Center Station; Line 4 Yaogongmiao Station and Nanping Road Station resumed normal operation. Since then, all stations temporarily suspended due to the epidemic in the early stage of Hefei’s rail line network have resumed operation.

Hefei normalizes nucleic acid testing

From November 7, except for some areas, nucleic acid testing in Hefei’s normalized areas will be adjusted to once every 2 days. Yaohai District, Luyang District, Shushan District, Baohe District, Economic Development Zone, High-tech Zone, and Xinzhan District will be held on November 7, 9, 11, and 13.

Nucleic acid testing in the normalized areas of Feidong County, Feixi County, Changfeng County, Lujiang County and Chaohu City will be adjusted to 2 to 5 days according to the situation, and the time will be arranged by the dependent territories themselves and released to the public.

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