Deputy Suggests English Score at Gaokao be Lowered , Says it’s a Waste of Time

Qingming, a deputy to China’s National People’s Congress and principal of Yucheng District No. 3 Middle School in Ya’an, Sichuan Province, suggested lowering the English score of the college entrance examination to 100, according to a video report on March 2 by Sichuan Radio and Television.

Yu Qingming believes that there are some problems with the current model: 1 English accounts for too many points, which consumes too much energy and time; English has limited practical value for many people. 3 It is not conducive to equity in urban and rural education, and the higher the English score, the more disadvantageous students in backward areas, especially rural areas; 4. Increase students’ learning burden; 5 Students actually spend more time learning a foreign language than they allotted lessons.

In 2022, the Ministry of Education stipulated that the proportion of class hours in each subject is 20%-22% for Chinese, 13%-15% for mathematics, 10%-11% for physical education and health, and 6%-8% for foreign languages.

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