Beijing Tells Residents Not to Go to Work

Yesterday July 29, Beijing issued a red warning signal for heavy rain, and the municipal flood control headquarters launched the city’s flood control red (level I) warning response at 19:00 . The municipal flood control headquarters reminds citizens not to go out unless necessary.

Weather forecast shows that from the night of July 29 to August 1, there will be heavy rainfall in the city, particularly in the west and south.

The Beijing Flood Control Command has issued these 9 measures in response to the city’s flood control

1. Enterprises and institutions, in addition to ensuring urban operation and livelihood services, should not require employees to work on site unless necessary.

2. People are requested to stay indoors unless necessary. When encountering a waterlogged road, do not drive in water; Do not park your vehicle on low-lying roads and areas. Residents of semi-basements should pay close attention to the risk of waterlogging and avoid it in time. In case of emergency, please call 110 or 119.

3. Indoor and outdoor cultural, sports and entertainment activities should not be organized and underground commercial premises are closed.

4. Schools and training institutions should stop all offline and on-site teaching activities.

5. Work at construction sites should be suspended

6. Outdoor tourism involving landscapes should be suspended

7. Timely transfer and resettlement of all threatened populations, with a focus on high-risk households in mountainous areas, stranded tourists, dilapidated old houses in urban areas, and threatened individuals in low-lying courtyards.

8.Temporary traffic control measures should be implemented in key hazardous areas and main emergency rescue roads, and if necessary, subway and bus stops can be taken.

9.Close mountain flood channels. Please stay away from the rivers and be cautious of floods, landslides, and mudslides in the watershed.

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