A Look at Hefei Airport Subway Line (120km/Hr)

The construction of the Shouxian section of the Hefei Metro S1 line is in full swing and expected to go operational in 2025.

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The Hefei Xinqiao Airport Line ( S1 ) starts from Shushan Industrial Park Station in Shou County, mainly along Airport North Road, Xinqiao Avenue, Wangqiao Road, Hehuai Road, Silihe Road, Huanggui Road, Qingyang Road, and ends at Wulidun Station, with a total length of 47.5km and 14 stations, including 4 elevated stations and 10 underground stations. The maximum speed of the train is designed to run at 120km/h.

After opening to traffic, Shou County will be connected with Xinqiao International Airport and Hefei West Railway Station.

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