A Game to Watch in Hefei , 2023 American Football

The Hefei Thestrals (合肥夜骐) welcome you to their 2023 American Football home opener this Sunday March 14th at 2pm against Suzhou’s University Team (see address below).

The Thestrals are a new team amidst the rapidly expanding American Football culture in China. They had their first ever practice in 2021 with only 8 players. In 2022 they had their first full game against Xuzhou with 25. Now in 2023 the average practice sees nearly 40 players.

In June of 2022 the Thestrals brought home their first win in a game against Anhui, Wuhu beating the odds and coming out on top 36:8. Most recently, this February they made the quick trip East to take on the Nanjing Bulldogs.

The team is led by many veteran players who bring experience from other teams in China. Some names to look out for are: Quarter Back Zhang Yu (#82) who has loved football since childhood, Offensive linemen LuChuPing (#57) coming from one of China’s top university teams, HeiQi (#22) and Kimi (#13) experienced ex-Shanghai players, Lee (#7) a HeFei player who’s dedication dates pre 2021, and QiSi (#27) first inaugurated at a university in ChongQing. Even though our Thestrals are a young team the experience that these foundational players brings gives them a spirit of brotherhood and growth.

This year the Hefei Thestrals hope to join the Chinese National Football League (CNFL), which season runs between July and November. Stay tuned for future updates on your local American Football Team!
Go Thestrals!

Address: 安徽省体育局训练基地管理中心综合训练馆(北区)

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