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12 Human Tissue Products Disguised as Toys Seized by Kunming Customs

Customs Discovers Human Tissue Products in Disguised Mail at Kunming Post Office

In a recent development reported by customs officials, the Kunming Post Office, under the jurisdiction of Kunming Customs, intercepted suspicious items disguised as “toys” and “amulets” in the mail. Acting on risk assessment directives, the customs authorities utilized CT scanning to examine two parcels flagged for inspection. Anomalies were detected in the machine-generated images, prompting further manual inspection.

Upon closer examination, officials uncovered 12 items suspected to be human tissue products concealed within the mail. Subsequent forensic analysis confirmed that these items were indeed composed of human bone and other tissue components. This alarming discovery highlights the potential risks associated with the illicit trafficking of human body parts through postal channels.

In response to this incident, customs authorities issued a reminder regarding the proper procedures for the import and export of human remains and body parts. According to the “Regulations on Hygienic Quarantine Management of Entry and Exit of Corpses and Skeletons” and the “Regulations on Hygienic Quarantine Management of Entry and Exit of Special Items,” stringent protocols must be followed when transporting human remains across borders for purposes such as burial, medical research, or other legitimate reasons.

It is emphasized that without proper authorization and adherence to established protocols, the import or export of human remains and body parts is strictly prohibited. This incident underscores the critical role of customs agencies in safeguarding public health and security by preventing the illicit trade in human organs and tissues. Authorities have launched further investigations into the origin and intended destination of the intercepted parcels to apprehend those responsible for this illicit activity.

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