HiFive Meets Agnese &Henry ,CEO and Co-Founders of Sure English

By | Dec 22,2016

In our second edition of HiFive ,we sat down with the CEO and Co-Founders of Sure English Training Center Agnese and Henry

Agnese and Henry ,both long staying experts in Hefei ,recently started a foreign owned English Training school for kids ,Sure English.As you would expect ,Sure English is almost becoming a household name as Chinese parents flock the school premises daily in a bit to catch-up and secure a place for their kids

As we walk in ,it was clear to us that the initiatives and concept was one with a winning tag.Sure English boost of a high kids training standard and hires more than 6 international Teachers.After a brief tour of the school ,it was then time to talk to the guys behind what you see,Henry ,Agnes's and Lucy

The interview started with a brief explanation of why they chose to start up the Institute by Agnese and later joined in by Henry who in few words smartly put a notch to the reason their initiative is one to reckon with.

Here is a short clip of the school followed by the interview proper

HiFive-Sure English

HiFive:Let's begin with a brief about your initiative

Agnes:I'm Agnes cofounder of Sure English .We are a training center for kids between the ages of 2 and 14

HiFive:Why did you decide to start a school

Agnes:It wasn't just out of the blue.We ve been teaching kids privately for a while now.As a result of the enormous satisfactory ratings from parents the demand for our lessons grew to the point where it started affecting our private life.Thus starting a school was the best alternative.

HiFive:Was the process of setting up a company complicated

Agnese:We have a Chinese parner,Lucy.She handled all the legal work and documentation.We had no idea on how to go about it.It wasn't easy at all.It took about 3months or so to get everything done

HiFive : What are some if the biggest challenges you face running a school as a foreigner

Managing the school part of the business is actually the biggest challenge .You know we are more of teachers so stepping in as administrators hasn't been easy at all.

HiFive:And do you have difficulties managing your local staffs ,are there any cultural hindrances

Agnes:Actually it's been good for us.We ve been here long enough and understand the Chinese culture of respect,tolerance and being sensitive towards certain aspects with respect to China.

HiFive :What makes Sure English unique from other similar establishments

Henry:Our philosophy and teaching methods stand out.What we do here is cultivate children's interest and curiosity into practical usage in real life situations

HiFive:That's fantastic.And how did you guys come about the name Sure English and what does it signifies

Henry:One word ,Confidence.This comes from the trust we developed over the years from our success stories and that's what pushed us to startup the project

HiFive:And the Logo,it's awesome

Henry:I designed that.I m a freelance designer as well but it's more

of a hobby.

HiFive:Now let's jump abit into your private Life.How long have you guys been here in Hefei

Agnes:I ve been here for close to 8years now.i came in as a scholarship student at Anhui University.Met Henry same here and today we have two kids Albert,4 and Victoria 1.We live just nearby our school.So yeah Hefei has been a great place for us and we like it here

HiFive :I m sure plenty of people out there will give a salute to your stories.Any advice for other Internationals in Hefei

Agnes:The changes that I have witnessed in this city are tremendous .Its a great transformation.Sit tight and I believe the city has more to offer to International

HiFive:Thanks a lot for taking the time .Its been a pleasure

About Sure English

Sure English is Located at the intersection on Hong Gang road and Shi Tai road

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