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Winter Vacation Dates for Primary and Secondary Schools in 2024 Confirmed! Parents Express Disapproval

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a “Notice on the 2024 Holiday Arrangements for Primary, Middle, and High Schools,” confirming the vacation schedules for both spring and autumn seasons. However, this news has sparked dissatisfaction and disappointment among parents. While students eagerly anticipate the break to enjoy free time, parents find it hard to accept.

As students grow older and continue their studies, they often face significant pressure from homework and exams, and parents worry about their academic performance and comparisons with other students. Students wish to break free from this intense state and have a holiday they can enjoy. Especially for students in nine-year compulsory education schools, they have been looking forward to the three-month winter and summer vacations.

However, the Ministry of Education has decided to provide students with new spring and autumn breaks to adapt to climate change and safeguard their health. Each season will have a three-day break annually, aiming to prevent students from contracting prevalent diseases like swine flu and mycoplasma. Education experts explain that holiday arrangements must ensure the comprehensive implementation of nationally mandated curricula and teaching time, taking into account the actual situations in various regions.

Decision-makers hope to adjust the school calendar through this plan, alleviating students’ academic stress and burdens. The holiday plan also allows students more free time to engage in activities they enjoy. Additionally, decision-makers aim to consider students’ health, encouraging them to accumulate more life experiences through practical activities.

However, some parents are dissatisfied with this notification, finding it difficult to accept. On the one hand, the holiday schedule is different from normal vacation times, making it challenging for parents to find free time for their children. On the other hand, parents may be concerned that students might waste time during the extended break and not effectively utilize it to improve their academic performance.

Despite the widespread parental complaints, policymakers’ intent is focused on students’ physical and mental health and comprehensive development. Taking the spring and autumn breaks as an example, the policy aims to boost domestic demand, promote balanced development in the tourism industry, and provide students the opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of their homeland. Additionally, students can avoid the risk of contracting swine flu and mycoplasma around the New Year, ensuring their immune system’s strength and resistance.

Parents can reasonably plan the holidays based on students’ learning situations and local conditions. They can also communicate with schools and teachers to ensure their children have a well-rounded learning plan and enriching activities during the break.

In conclusion, the 2024 winter vacation dates for primary, middle, and high schools have been confirmed, causing dissatisfaction and concern among parents. The policymakers’ intention is to prioritize students’ physical and mental health and overall development, adjusting the academic calendar to alleviate students’ academic stress and burdens. Parents can ensure fruitful learning and activities for their children during the break through reasonable holiday planning, communication with schools, and teachers. Ultimately, we hope students can enjoy a fully restful and developmental break, creating better conditions for future learning.


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