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What’s the Current Policy on Leaving & Entering Hefei

Leaving Hefei

Those who do need to leave the city should not go to medium- and high-risk epidemic areas, must have a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours, and do well to self-protect themselves throughout the trip, and report in time before returning to Hefei.


Coming to Hefei

Persons with a recent history of travel and residence in high, medium and low risk areas, inbound personnel returning to Hefei after being released from quarantine, and persons coming from outside the province should take the initiative to report through 0551-12345, their unit, community or hotel.

All incoming (returning) personnel must take 1 nucleic acid test immediately after arrival, and personnel from outside (returning) and cities with epidemics in the province should take 3 tests for 3 days. For those who do not implement nucleic acid testing in accordance with the regulations, a pop-up reminder will be issued by SMS or Ankang code, and then code management will be carried out.

This Update is as of Oct 24, 2022

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