Users Can Now Transfer Money from Alipay to WeChat

On October 16, it was confirmed that Alipay users can now send money to WeChat friends. After entering the amount, a QR code will be generated that users can share with WeChat friends to receive the money, and the unpaid amount will be automatically refunded after 24 hours. A maximum of 2,000 Yuan can be transferred in a single transaction.

There are three steps to sending money to WeChat

Click on Alipay’s “Transfer” page, and you will find that there is indeed a “Transfer to WeChat friends” button, which may also be the first time that WeChat’s green bubble has appeared on Alipay page .

After clicking, Alipay’s guidance page prompts that this is a new way to transfer money and you can do so without an account. The process is divided into three steps: 1. Input the amount and provide a designated user to collect ; 2. Share on WeChat / QQ / Weibo / DingTalk and other channels; 3. The other user scans the code to collect, the system will automatically notify you when the other party receives the money.

The transfer page shows that a maximum of 2,000 yuan can be send out in a single transaction, and a transfer note of less than 50 words can be added. The transferor can set up three different collection methods, including scanning the code to collect, the other receiver needs to verify the first word when collecting.

It is worth noting that the scan code collection is limited to the transfer of 2000 yuan and below, when the transfer amount is greater than 2000 yuan, Alipay will prompt to ensure the safety of funds, with a message which reads ” that you can not directly scan the code to collect, please choose other collection methods”.

After the payment is completed, Alipay will generate a QR code photo, which can then be shared with the other party through WeChat, QQ, etc., and will be automatically returned if it is not collected within 24 hours.

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