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An interactive English video course tailored for everyday English for adults offers practical and relevant language skills necessary for communication in various real-life situations. Covering topics such as greetings, shopping, dining out, travel, and social interactions, this course equips learners with the language tools needed to navigate daily activities with confidence. Through interactive dialogues, role-plays, and scenario-based exercises, learners can practice and improve their listening comprehension, speaking fluency, vocabulary, and grammar in context. Additionally, the course can incorporate cultural insights and tips to help learners better understand social norms and customs in English-speaking environments. By focusing on practical communication skills, this course enables adults to effectively communicate in English in their personal, professional, and social lives.

In this course , there is a lesson daily from Monday to Friday . Students have to pass the speaking section of each lesson to mark as complete. You can only access a new lesson after passing the previous one .