Hefei Connect Business Club

Hefei Connect Business Club is a social networking platform designed to provide businesses and professionals in Hefei with an extensive opportunity to mingle and exchange valuable resources.


Membership to Hefei Business Club is open to both individuals and enterprises. The club host  offline Events to give members an extensive opportunity to explore business avenues in Hefei.

Membership Benefits

Members will be given priority on attendance to Events and also enjoy benefit to 

  1. Hefei Business Meet & Greet (Held Monthly Offline)
  2. Learn Chinese (Every Sunday at Connect Bar)
  3. Use Hefei Connect Hotline Consultation Service
  4. Join Hefei Connect Lucky Draw



There are three types of Membership 

  1. Active Members ( FREE)
  2. Non Active Members (88RMB/Month)


Learn Native English

I m Hefei Connect Admin . Contact me if need be