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Recently, a netizen released a short video online showing a “strange” yam he bought.
According to the video, the yam is thick and thin, and there are five toe-like points on the top, and the whole outline looks very much like a human foot.
Once the video was released, it immediately sparked a lot of attention from netizens. “I thought it was a big foot!” “I really admire nature’s magic work” “I thought it was just back from the ground, stained with mud” “
  Subsequently, the reporter contacted the netizen, according to its introduction, he lives in Pingdu, is bought from the nearby market, then see the unique shape, so buy home. After measurement, the yam is 38 cm long and weighs 2.48 pounds.

It is understood that yam is a very common vegetable, tubers are rich in starch, can be used for vegetables, medicine can supplement the spleen and stomach deficiencies, treatment of weakness, indigestion, nameless swelling and poison. Yam is generally long and cylindrical, but in the process of growth, for various reasons, there are often “shaped” yam. Among them, there is a production in Hubei Huanggang and other places, “Buddha Yam” unique shape, the shape of the palm. According to the introduction, the special shape of the yam has a certain humanistic aesthetic meaning, and does not affect the consumption.

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