1Person Can Infect 18 People on Average, Wuhan Current Epidermic

According to the official WeChat of Wuhan News Release, Yang Xiaobing, director of the Institute of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control of the Wuhan CDC, pointed out in an exclusive interview that the risk of the epidemic in Wuhan is still high, and the pressure of prevention and control continues to increase.


According to the viral gene sequencing of the Wuhan CDC, the current circulating strain in the city is the evolutionary branch of the Omicron variant BA.5.2.

Through epidemiological analysis of existing infected people, the characteristics of this round of strains are as follows: first, high viral load, strong contagiousness, according to relevant research reports, the basic regeneration number of the strain is 18.6, in layman terms, during its infection period, an average of 1 infected person can infect 18 people; secondly, the incubation period and generation interval are very short, the epidemic develops rapidly, the average time for infected people to spread the virus is only 2 days, and the shortest is just 24 hours.

Most people have been reported to be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms such as fever and cough after infection with the Omicron strain. Due to the short incubation period, it has caused hidden transmission in families, communities and other groups when a small number of infected people are found to have tested positive for nucleic acid.

Yang Xiaobing said: “Early detection of potential sources of infection, thorough screening of risk groups such as close contacts, sub-close contacts and contacts related to the epidemic, and rapid implementation of strict control are of great significance and key role in cutting off the transmission route and curbing the spread and spillover of the epidemic.” 。

It is reported that since October, in the face of a new round of the epidemic, Wuhan has unswervingly adhered to the overall strategy of “external prevention and internal rebound” and the overall policy of “dynamic clearance”, strengthened social epidemic prevention and control, and ensured that the epidemic does not rebound on a large scale. Coordinate prevention and control resources and strengthen the control of key areas, key points and personnel; Strengthen the “landing inspection and management” of traffic intersections, personnel access in key areas, inspect risk personnel, and implement control measures; Timely delineate risk areas, initiate temporary control measures, rapidly expand nucleic acid screening, screen for potential infections, and cut off the chain of transmission. At present, various prevention and control work is being promoted in a strong and orderly manner.

Source: China Youth Daily client

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